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I am a 70 year old male who live in Oklahoma, a transplant from Colorado a few years ago..and ended up with 9 grandkids, 7 of them boys..

Hey I'm glad you came to see my page. It isn't much but will tell you a little me and where I live...I live in Owasso, Oklahoma..I bet you didn't know that Oklahoma has more shore line than the east coast and west coast combined including the gulf of mexico...
You can find out about Owasso, Oklahoma here

My family

I am retired on disability and seem to have lots of time on my hands to do volunteer work to help others that are in need. I was president of the Tulsa Recreation Center for the Physicaly Limited for 2 years and now I am on the Board of Directors of a organization called Reaching Hands..They do what ever it takes to try to keep a older or disabled person in there home and out of the nursing homes. Housework, shopping, laundry, lite nursing, etc. and I feel it is a very worthwhile cause.. I have also been involved with other volunteer work sence moving to Oklahoma from Colorado...I am a wheelchair user and do about anything I want to except walk, of which I do realize is not all that important.

I have 3 children, a boy who is the oldest and is married with 2 daughters...They live on a ranch in Woody, California..My middle child lives in Claremore, Oklahoma, about 20 miles from my place..She is married and has 4 boys who I get to see quit often and go to their ball games and school activities..That helps keep me out of trouble I guess...They have a nice big house on a few acres...My youngest daughter lives in Williamsburg, Kansas and is married to Todd, they were married on Aug.1st,98..She is a teacher in elementary education and Todd has his own business, they have 2 boys and have built a nice new home.. Don't forget to go the grandkids page, which you can by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page..There are a lot of animation figures there with some pictures of the grandchildren too...enjoy it....

This is my son and daughter-in-law. They are real cowboys and have a cow and calf operation on their ranch in california..My granddaughters help on the ranch also..They are all very good horse riders and work the cattle off horseback as they do live in pretty rough country..
This is my middle child Tammy, she is a child psychologist and her hubby is president of a bank..You can see the pictures of the 4 boys on the page for the grandkids...
This is my youngest child Lynnett, she is the teacher and is my baby girl, her hubby Todd has his own bussiness.

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Please click here to see the page for the grandkids..

Pictures from August,4,2003 of Family..

This is gndpa's Photo Album

Some of my stained glass work

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