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I will tell you a little about my grandkids on this page..I have 5 grandsons and 2 granddaughters as of now...never know when another might show up!!
Four of the boys live in Oklahoma about 20 miles from where I live, so get to see them often.I also have a grandson who lives in Kansas now, who was born in Oct. 99. The girls live in California and do not see very often..

The three older boys love to play ball. The 3 oldest are on organized leagues and the younger ones will be to some day.
The girls are cowgirls and have thier own horses..They do a lot of different things that have to do with the ranching life...They even help with the branding and working cattle..They both will be in school this fall...

And I could not forget my dog...On this page she will feel right at home...She always likes it when the kids are over to play with her...She is a cross as you can see from the pictures..And she is a very good dog with the kids and minds very well..(better than the kids sometimes) Although she does like to get out in the front yard and run off to find the neighbors cat, but she is usually back before I can get back in the house...

Her name is Izzy and she sleeps on the back of the recliner...or about any place she

HEY!! Here is number 5 grandson, born on Oct. 30,1999 at 4:52PM, was 8lbs.1oz. and 21 inches long. This guy never misses a meal..

Well this guy is growing so fast, had to take down the baby picture and put up a couple new ones.

This is Austin who thinks he can do any thing his older brothers can do....

This song reminds me of what Austin does all day.

This is Cale.. He likes all sports also.

This is Blake and he is the oldest of the boys..He plays all sports..

This is the granddaughters in California..I will try to get a more recent picture of them to put on here...Kylie and Vail...
This is Kylie, the oldest granddaughter..

This is Vail, the youngest granddaughter..

Here is a picture of the girls taken this spring in one of the rare snow's that they have where they live.

Here is a picture taken of the grand kids except Dalton. This was taken in July-00 when they were in California.
Let me know what you think about my page.

Thanks for coming to this page and come back soon..